After 23 years of running a metalworking shop with a focus on the realization of architectural and art projects (vorschub - Werkstatt für Modell- und Prototypenbau, Berlin) - in the past years increasingly involved in the production, shipment and installation of major architectural sculptures - I now want to exclusively concentrate on the development and realization of my own designs - which, to my mind, function as a condensed consensus of all the various planes of contact I have reviewed and observed in the past years. From this thought process three separate topic areas have emerged, which were conceived consecutively, but also are closely interrelated regardless of the chronology of their creation. All three topic areas are to be visualized in the form of objects that deliberately have no clear function or status (object/sculpture) assigned to them. It is up to the observer/user to decide on their nature and come up with ideas for their possible use. Generally, every object I create undergoes - before and during its creation - an extended work and thought process that involves intensive reflection, examination, constant observation and modification (sometimes in multiple recurrent cycles). However, each object will have been formed in its entirety and all details before all questions that have arisen during the creation process have been answered. I want to give the process of creation, the act of "working something out", the constant reviewing of an object, the continuous shifting of perspectives, the careful consideration of changes, in short, THOUGHT itself, the prominence it deserves. In particular, I want to interrogate the kind of thought that revolves around a possible result which is not yet firmly defined. I am aware that this approach could be accused of claiming the convenient lack of an explicit and tangible result to be a virtue. One might also say that not only can most objects in our perceptible environment not allow themselves this kind of freedom, one might even say that no object can do so. Granted. However, my project seems to deal with thoughts rather than a mere collection of objects - let alone objects that seek to compete with other objects. It deals simply with the reification of thoughts, of thoughts that have been pondered for considerable time, but possibly, and, as I hope, refreshingly, have not been thought all the way to the end. This allows the observer to muse, to (as I hope) enjoy the objects' shape and the consensus, and to follow the train of thought - and perhaps even come to a conclusion.

Axel Rössling, February 2016.

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